Make a "RIGHT" turn at Edgewood Assembly of God

Wouldn't it be great if life came with directional signs? "Stop, trouble coming," "Career Detour," or "Rocky marriage ahead." Unfortunately the sign aren't always as clear. So, whether you're at a bump, a fork in the road or even a dead-end, at Edgewood Assembly of God, we're here with traveling companions and help from God's spiritual "roadmap."


Our Vision: 

We have a thirst to assist people in discovering God and His love for them.  We are focused on building people and transforming lives into a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We would love the opportunity to walk with you on your spiritual journey to discover what God has for you and your life! It is our desire to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through compassionate, caring methods; and to reach persons around the world via missions which is the extended arm of the church.

We see
      A church that is dynamic and exciting
      A church that is sharing and caring
      A church that is grace-filled and spiritual
      A church that is teaching and preparing disciples
      A church that is evangelistic

Our Mission Statement:

To lead people to become fully devoted Followers of Christ.

If you would like a copy of our Constitution and By-Laws, click the link below. Choose to open it or save it to your computer.

Constitution and By-Laws